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Puff Dita Skirt

Wear Ghana

  • $44.99

Short pencil skirt with puff effect and inbuilt suspenders.

Inspired by the trendy and stylish African woman.

Makes a good showing at business-casual and evening engagements.

Can be paired with a shirt for a more cosmopolitan look or with a dressy blouse for an effortlessly elegant look. 

Perfect for festive, cocktail, business-formal, business casual, and casual dress engagements.


Short skirt in Authentic African Print/Ankara Inverted pleats in waist, creating chic puff detail.

1.5 inches band in knit fabric/print detail.

In-built suspenders In-knit fabric/print detail

Button-down suspenders and back separating zipper for easy wearing

Authentic fabric sourced from Ghana Textile Printers (GTP).

Custom-made and takes 5-10 days to be completed.

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