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Peini Shea Lotion (Fragranced) - dziffa

Peini Shea Lotion (Fragranced)


  • $12.99

Peini Shea Butter Lotion keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated when applied to the skin. This is especially very important just after taking a shower, at which time much of the skin's moisture and radiance has been lost. Peini Shea Butter Moisturizing lotion is made from natural ingredients and it is ideally suited for the body's overall hydration and protective needs. It does a good job restoring the barrier which provides protection for the skin.
Applying Peini Shea Butter Lotion to your skin enhances the sheen of your skin leaving it noticeably luminous and reveals a beautiful, non greasy skin, which is soft and smooth to the touch.

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