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Shipping & Returns

We Ship to all corners of the world!

All products on are shipped  to any location in the world. Due to the nature of our work most products take a minimum of three days to fulfill.  A few selected products may take longer to hand make. No need to panic, I'll notify you if your order takes longer than 5 days to complete. We ship through our local Ghana Postal Service which takes a minimum of two weeks to reach its destination. 

Standard rate- from $.99

No Express Shipping 

We notify you as soon as your order is complete with a tracking number. This number is to be presented to your local post office if you miss your delivery. 

We register all orders to ensure you alone have access to the products. This means the mail lady and mailman would take the product back to the post office if he/she does not meet you home. 

Easy Returns & Exchanges

Most purchases are refunded or exchanged within 7 days of delivery. To qualify for a refund or exchange, the product must be in its original form and not have any signs of being tampered with or used.

We, unfortunately, do not cover the cost of shipping in case of a refund or exchange. This means if you buy a product from us and want to return it for a refund, you will have to cover the cost of sending the product back to us in Ghana. In cases of exchange, you have to cover both the cost of getting it back to us and us sending the product back to you. 


All orders on are made through a secured Stripe payment platform. Our customers are cleared of any security issues so be rest assured that your information is safe with us.