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About Us

Dziffa is an online marketplace for high-quality made-in-Ghana goods. We connect global lovers of African goods to local producers. 

The Story

I left Ghana at a very young age but never quite left Africa as my life in the U.S. revolved around African goods. My family and friends bought African goods for their authenticity and cultural richness. As a teenager, purchasing African goods was a way of unapologetically showing off my Blackness while supporting local African businesses.

You can imagine my disappointment when I visited Ghana for the first time two years ago and discovered that all the products my family purchased in the U.S. were actually not produced in Africa. These counterfeit goods contradicted every motivation I had for deliberately purchasing African goods.

I began my search for a marketplace solely focused on authentic African goods. I found a lot of impressive sites but none could guarantee the source of the products they were selling me as African. So, I stayed in Ghana, partnered with local businesses, and worked on a marketplace to bring you the best of Africa.


No, I did not just name the marketplace after myself

Dziffa in our local Ewe language means 'My Heart Calms Down' or simply ‘I'm at Peace.’  Our mission is simple, to bring the best of Africa to the world and leverage on global demand for African goods to scale local businesses.

So in a way, we are bringing peace to the customer and businesses in our community. We needed a name that reflected our mission and Dziffa was the perfect fit :)


You are probably wondering what makes us unique?

If you have not gotten the memo by now, I'm a huge African goods addict. But, I stopped purchasing ‘African Inspired’ goods the day I realized store owners in the states would rather deceive customers with a slab of ‘African Inspired’ than spend time on the continent working hand in hand with local businesses to bring authentic goods manufactured by local businesses to the growing Black Diaspora.

When I became curator, I vowed to give my customers the authenticity missing in the ‘African Goods Saga.’ If I was going to sell African goods, I would sell nothing less of the real stuff. These values limit the number of goods we can sell but ensures you get high quality,  handmade, authentic goods directly from local businesses. I don't want to boast but hey, I might as well brag about what makes the team so cool while I have your attention :)

  1. We Are A Local Team

The team is based in Ghana (with one person in Kenya). We do not just put any products on our marketplace but do the due diligence of meeting our local manufacturers, explaining the supply chain to them, answering all questions they have and providing them with branding, marketing, and delivery services.

  1. Almost ALL Of Our Products Are Handmade

Almost all of our products are handmade. This means you get premium goods at affordable prices. Some products take a day to make, others take about 3-5 days to make. I don't think it gets any better than this!

  1. Our Products Are Diverse And Most Can Be Custom-made Exclusively For You

We carry almost everything you can think of. If you cannot find what you are looking for, shoot me an email and I will find it for you. For starters, we have some pretty awesome selection of home goods for furniture lovers and a great collection paintings as well as accessories, fashion, African prints and everything else you could possibly need. All you have to do is sit back, relax, place your order and your goodies will be at your doorstep in a few days.

  1. We Value You

Well, apart from the fact that we bring you high-quality goods for an affordable price, we try our best to bring you along with us as we discover how the products you buy from us are made. Why do we do this? Because we know you are curious about the manufacturing process and we secretly want to show off our talented manufacturers.

Oh, we also provide some pretty neat customer service. I have no life so the minute you place an order, I'm all yours! I keep you updated on the progress of your order and stay with you till the mailman delivers your goodies. This helps me get to know you, helps you know that I'm not a robot, and also puts your mind at peace. See, I knew you would get the Dziffa-peace connection.

We Make It Easy For You To Shop From Africa:

This is a big deal! Back in the stone ages (before, shopping from Africa was a real struggle. You had to wait till a friend was visiting home, have them go to the manufacturer, and get the goods for you. Even now with social media, it's still pretty tough to buy from Africa so my team and I put in a lot of work to ensure you shop with ease.

Alright, I’m done now, gotta get my Jollof but before I leave I need you to...

Go back to the marketplace, grab something that is calling you and experience the glory of shopping authentic African goods directly from local businesses. We can't wait to fulfill your order and please, do not hesitate to share any ideas you have with us better serve you.

Happy Shopping :)

-Dziffa Akua Ametam | Founder