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Overcoming The Desire to Act III

Posted by Dziffa Akua Ametam on

As an adult, I’m not only responsible for myself, my success has a rippling effect on my community and while it's easy to dwell on what others have done to inhibit our growth, I’m always beating myself down on what I’m doing to live a very mediocre life and how my laziness contributes further to pulling all of us down.

I cannot ask my leaders to be the best of themselves when as a citizen, I’m putting in the bare minimum every day. It's like a lazy student wondering why his/her school isn't one of the best. No matter how excellent the professors are, if the student isn’t willing to put in the effort required to succeed, she’ll fail and contribute to diluting the quality of the student body. 

I know, I’m getting deep but seriously, we're in deep shit.

We are BROKE.

Our health and education systems are in very pitiful states.

I cannot solve Africa’s problems, but I can solve my own by ensuring I do not live a wasteful life. I can keep the torch Wangari lit alive by responding to the desire to act and doing the best I can each day.

Do you also get the desire to Act?

What do you do what it creeps up?

How do you quench it or keep the fire burning?

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