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Top African Brands to Buy this Christmas

Posted by Dziffa Akua Ametam on

Dazzling light displays, the smell of fresh air, the holiday sounds of carolers and so much more make Christmas the season of love. Can you believe it is already the end of the year? November sneaked up way too fast on me!

December is here and I know you've been strolling through for just the right items for your loved ones. I’ve created my top African Brands to have this holiday. Hopefully, this eases the process of shopping :)
Of course, my list is not set in stone. There are hundreds of other items I have not mentioned that you may prefer. Good thing is you get free shipping on all products when you spend $50, just use the discount code Kwanzaa2016 :)

As you know, we have a lot of products so this will not be an easy task. But, I will try my best to compartmentalize the Christmas goodies by collection (Clothing, Accessories, Bags, Bath & Body, and Home Goods) to make both of our lives easier. lol


When it comes to African clothing, Afro Mod, Nuna, and Wear Ghana are definitely brands to consider for the perfect Christmas Gift for Him & Her.

Afro Mod’s Canvas of Dream Collection is the ideal gift for the matured African woman who appreciates a simple yet sophisticated outfit. The collection has a great blend of floral designs and stripes with graphic and bold patterns of the African prints.

Nuna’s Poncho Hoodies are definitely a must-have for those in colder climates. The hoodies are ideal for a casual urban style look. They are extremely soft with a slight touch of subtle African print fabric.

We cannot mention our Christmas must haves without including Wear Ghana’s famous Gigis . Created mainly for the young and fun, looking to throw a shirt-like/dress-like outfit on top of their leggings or have a matching outfit with the special one.


For Accessories, we have lots to offer this holiday season. The Queen necklace is the boldest piece in the marketplace. It takes a full day to make and is without a doubt the heaviest accessory at Dziffa. There is no doubt that the Queen has a presence of its own. This makes looking sophisticated with a simple outfit a very easy task.

Much like the Queen, our bracelets have an identity of their own. Each bracelet is hand-painted to have a unique identity of its own so the one you decide to get would really be based on the taste of the loved one. 


Bags are a big hit for the holidays and mSimps and RPC are perfect gifts. mSimps’ Mum & Me Diaper Bags are ideal for new moms while RPC's Holders are great for college students who need a durable yet fashionable African backpack.

Bath and Body

When it comes to Bath and Body, we have TAMA for those looking for a light Shea butter feel (the lotion actually feels like water). For those of us with extra dry skin, Peini’s lotions are slightly thick so they are ideal.

Fab Fit Fine’s Back Soaps are a big hit in Ghana, especially the Goji fragrance soap. The soap produces a lot of foam with a very little pour and the fragrances are to die for.

Home Goods

Finally, if you are looking to give the gift of all gifts and spark up your loved one’s home, Tekura and Aid To Artisans Ghana are the brands to have.

 Tekura specializes in Furniture while ATAG has a series of goods from the local Oware games to wooden bowls. Tekura is one of West Africa’s pioneer furniture brands. From wooden stools to tables, to pencil holders, they make. Anything you can possibly use wood for, Tekura has probably made before.

So, there you have it, folks. My top must have African goods this holiday season that will no doubt blow your loved ones mind away. We are offering free shipping on all orders above $50, use code Kwanzaa2016 to claim your discount. Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, I look forward to entering 2017 with you.

Happy Shopping,


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