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Posted by Dziffa Akua Ametam on

Our team has been working extremely hard over the past weeks to find a good balance between servicing our amazing friends in Ghana who appreciate high-quality local goods and those in the Diaspora at the same time.

So, what’s changed?


Our prices are lower than ever. Matter of fact, our prices are about the same you will get if you went to buy the products we carry at a nearby shop. Except we save you all the wahala of traveling to wherever to pick buy the products.

 Daye Sesa Bowtie


We accept Debit/Credit cards as we’ve always done but now we also accept mobile money. So you can simply place an order, pay us via mobile money and have the product at your doorstep. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash on delivery :(


Akooshi Coconut Container: 8 GHS


For the month of August, we will be delivering all over Accra for just 5GHS. For our friends outside Accra, we will have to find out how much it cost to get the goodies to you. I should mention here that we do not know it all and are very open to your feedback and suggestions on how best to get your goodies to you.

Afrique Leather Bag: 104 GHS


At this point, you’re probably wondering how we’re planning to service the Diaspora. Our friends in the Diaspora can still order with us. Once you input your address, you will get a shipping quote and have your goodies within a few days. We thank you all for being on this journey with us and look forward to celebrating the next chapter with you :)


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