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Posted by Dziffa Akua Ametam on


Your home says a lot about your personality, character, and general taste and should be a great complement to all that you are. But, if you’re like me, finding the right furniture to eloquently capture all that you are can be a challenge, especially when you have a full-time job to focus on.

That's where Tekura comes in. Their products are one of a kind. Every Tekura product is handmade with some of finest sourced wood. I have no doubt you will love Tekura’s collection of carefully crafted African furniture.

We have a lot of Tekura products but I particularly want to draw your mind to the Ananse Leg Stool today. Standing at a proud 19 inch. length with a 9 inch. Breath and a height of 15inches, the stool is the perfect cultural accessory to your living room. The stool is inspired by Kweku Ananse, one of the wildest animals in the Animal Kingdom. The Ananse stool was molded after the Kweku wisdom, attention to detail, and persistence.

Because I really want you to experience the beauty of the Ananse Let Stool, I’m giving away a $30 discount on it. You’ll save an automatic $30 from buying this beautiful work of art. The Discount code is “Ananse2017” Sales ends 12:00 A.M. April 9th.

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