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Innovative Brands and Experiences at Ghana Nie Fair

Posted by Dziffa Akua Ametam on

Saturday is almost here and we cannot wait to see you at Ghana’s first good market dedicated to exposing innovative and creative local brands

The brands below are redefining our perception of made-in-Ghana by taking basic raw materials around us and turning them into beautiful high-quality goods. We could be happier to share them with you.

Skin Gourmet hand-makes clean and affordable earth-friendly products. Their products are 100% natural and they use fine quality botanicals, including local, organic and sustainable raw materials.

Wanjo is a food and processing company that uses homegrown fruits and vegetation to make natural healthy African Beverages. They create juices, syrups, jams, preserves and sauces out of indigenous spices, herbs, and veggies.

Veronica’s Aquariums designs and manufactures handcrafted aquariums as a way of providing the best aquatic experience. Their aquariums are of unique quality and they aim to make the best environmentally friendly aquariums.

TAMA uses natural ingredients to make hair and body products. TAMA makes the finest raw ingredients and shea based bath and beauty products from environmentally friendly sources.

Miss Cookie Spices are made of freshly blended local herbs and spices. Ginger, Garlic, Onion, and Kpaposhito all add superb flavors to your dishes. Their blends are infused with local herbs like Rosemary, Hwentiaa, Pepre, and Nketenkete. Miss Cookie Spices has no additives, no preservatives, no MSG. 

Nutripak uses all natural local ingredients to produce Dry Dog Food, Canned Dog Food, Canned Meat Stew, Dog Care Products to groom and feed your dogs. 

TAMA uses natural ingredients to make hair and body products. TAMA makes the finest raw ingredients and shea based bath and beauty products from environmentally friendly sources

Delx Bar processes and repackages indigenous African food to improve Agro-processing and branding of  African food. Their star product is our nice package Dakoa which are available in wheat, millet, rice, and many other flavors. 

Eya Naturals products are inspired by the finest local natural ingredients that have been used effectively for centuries to protect hair and skin. Eya Naturals uses local ingredients to make the safest hair and skin care products.

Sesa Mu is an Agric development organization that works with farmers in Berekusu to bring us healthy dried pineapple snacks that are not only delicious but healthy for you as well.

Yaw Barimah Clothing is a fashion design company that primarily produces menswear and men's accessories using Kente, Fugu and Ankara prints. Yaw Barimah hand-makes unique neckties, bow-ties, pocket-squares and lapel pins.

Adorn Jewellery and Decor is a precious metal design brand that produces quality gold and silver jewelry, optionally augmented with precious and semi-precious stones. 

HelloKaeme is changing the way we use indigenous shea butter and black soap products by using single ingredients to make scented skin care products that are not only great for your skin but nicely packaged. 

Sankofa Chips is a Ghanaian natural snack food production company which takes our traditional African snacks and evolves them into modern food innovation.

Deze Palm Wine is a revolutionary product in the wine & beverage industry that aims to take a local African Delicacy such as palm wine and turn it into a major competitor through refined taste and superb packaging. 

There will be much more exciting brands, we cannot name them all so you'll have to come on Saturday and discover them for yourself. I still have to tell you about the interactive activities we have in store for you and the kids :)

Interactive Activities for Kids and Young Adults

Project Tontro is a design and maker platform that facilitates ingenuity and practical learning of robotics, electronics, and engineering amongst kids.

Project Tontro will be engaging kids at Ghana Nie in collaborative and interactive robotic and engineering activities.

Bowney Initiative will engage kids in reading and have discussions around Ananse s3m and the cultural values of our local tales. at the fair in interactive reading and discussions workshop.

Vendor Experience with The Afropole 

The experiences are short, interactive workshops held by our vendors to help you better understand their brands. Vendor experiences provide a richer context for why local goods should be patronized in the long term and they offer a unique, sensory addition to the activities associated with a fair.

Attendees can leave an experience with a tangible good that they created using local knowledge and expertise. The experiences include everything from making baobab pudding parfaits to receiving a three-step skin regimen from locally sourced materials.

The experiences include but are not limited to:

  • Soapmaking  
  • Developing Skin Cleansing Regimen
  • Baobab Pudding Parfaits
  •  Interactive Chocolate Workshop 

We cannot wait to see you on Saturday. If you have not done so already, register HERE and contact us at or 0507339356.

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