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Don't Just Get Mad At Nivea, Buy Local Skin Care Brands Instead!

Posted by Dziffa Akua Ametam on

I wrote a Blog Post addressing the need to include light-skinned women in the natural skin care community a few weeks ago, only to discover yesterday that Nivea has joined the 'Let's Bleach Our Black Skins' clique.

Like most of you, I was furious.

Gladly, I've never bought Nivea in my three years of moving back home. I have no need for a foreign brand when I can use all natural, affordable, local skincare brands.

Here's a list of my faves:


Peini is made of locally sourced natural oils and fats. The team is very keen on helping women producers of the shea butter and goes the extra mile to source their raw materials for almost twice the market value. What I admire most about the Peini team is the way they engage their customers and consider their needs at every stage of production. 

Here's Peini's collection: 

Fragranced Body Butter

Unfragranced Body Butter 

Hand Lotion

Unrefined Shea Butter

Mosquito Repellant'

Hair Oil and Scalp Treatment 

Hand Sanitizer

Showe Gel

Peini is made with locally sourced natural ingredients. I wrote a post on the brand some time back, feel free to read it if you would like to know more about them. 

TAMA Cosmetics

TAMA products are made with Premium Quality Unrefined Shea Butter from Northern Ghana. The brand is a strong believer in simple ingredients and simple formulas to give you all natural products your skin will love. 

Let's talke a look at TAMA's collection: 

Body Lotion

Lavender Hand Lotion

Plain Hand Lotion

Shea Butter Soap

Shea Oils for Body and Hair

Black Soap

I also wrote about TAMA some years back, folks who want to learn more about the brand can click HERE

Hello Kaeme

Hello Kaeme makes the best skincare product with all natural but simple ingredients. Hello Kaeme is known for its unique collection of fragrances that fills up any room it's used in. I shared my favorite Hello Kaeme fragrance in this post :)

Here's the wide range of Fragrances: 

Cintronella Black Soap

Gogi Black Soap

Citrus Black Soap

Sandal Wood Black Soap

Unscented Black Soap

Cintronella Shea Butter Lotion 

Gogi Shea Butter Lotion 

Citrus Shea Butter Lotion

Sandal Wood Shea Butter Lotion

Unscented Shea Butter lotion 

There is also Skin Gourmet and NAYA by Africa which I absolutely adore.

If you feel degraded by Nivea, here's the one thing you CAN do. Invest your purchasing power in local brands who are making products that nurture the natural texture of your skin.

I use these brands interchangeably. The brilliant entrepreneurs behind them spend every waking moment perfecting their formulas so your skin will have the absolute best ingredients. They are Ghanaians who understand that it's about damn time we started taking care of the skin God gave us.

Their products do not help restore your 'lighter skin' because you never had lighter skin. You are all melanin baby, and these local brands nurture that beautiful melanated skin that is uniquely and perfectly yours. 

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  • Do you have natural unrefined Shea butter anti perspirant /deodorant? How much. How do I get it? Home delivery service?

    Bernard Q. Adjaison Jr on

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