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Discovering Eya Naturals

Posted by Dzifa Ametam on

This month marks my five year 'Big Chop' anniversary. I must say it's been quite a journey getting to know my hair. Sometimes she agrees with me, most times she goes off on her own and does whatever she wants. 

My hair has gone from really low to a puffy afro to a mohawk and back. Just as my hair has changed over the years, so has the kinds of products I’ve put in it. I'm happy to finally settle on Eya Naturals.


I will tell you all about Eya Naturals, but first, permit me to bore you with my natural hair story. I’ve never been a big fan of capturing my natural hair journey because I had been using all manner of things I mix with shea butter and coconut oil. Sometimes I get it right, most times the cream just sits on my hair without getting to my scalp.

I met the Eya Naturals community my second week in Ghana. They were showing ways to keep your hair soft and being the broke entrepreneur I was, I just enjoyed the show from afar and went back to my shea butter and coconut oil mix. These days, I am getting a little cooler thanks to my acquaintance with some of the brilliant minds in our Skin and Body Care Industry. I now own all of the Eya Naturals products and must say they are AMAZING!


Prior to Eya Naturals, I stayed away from new hair brands and stuck to the traditional brands I knew. Most of them were not foamy enough and left my hair crisp. Eya Naturals Shea Butter Shampoo was different, we all know how foamy Black Soap is but it softened my hair and smells really good. I'm not a big fan of strong body and hair care products so Eya's subtle smell is perfect for me. 

After the shampoo, I leave my hair a little wet and apply the Shea Butter Detangling Conditioner *which also smells AMAZING.* I usually leave it in my hair for 5-10 minutes, comb through it and wash. At this point, my hair is already in Shea Butter and Black Soap Paradise. I then apply the Leave-in lotion and Hair Butter in it. 


I don't dry my hair completely but leave it a little wet and twist it. Then take them out in a few hours so they stand tall with some volume. I recently got a hair cut so I usually do the Bantu knots and take them out if I want to keep some volume in my hair. 

I left the hot oil out because like most people, I did not read the back of the bottle my first time and read it wrongly. The don't own a dryer so I will wait for when I'm not feeling too cheap to pay $5 for a salon visit and share the experience with you :)

The oil is perfect for those who prefer to treat their hair before washing. You apply it into the hair, put a shower cap over it and sit in the dryer for a few minutes, then begin your washing routine. 


I’ve never been one to show off the products I use or the way I keep my hair because I’ve never really seen having a natural hair as anything out of the ordinary. I’m learning to open up more about my journey and experiences as I embrace and celebrate the fact that nothing about me is ordinary. 

Well, that’s a bit about my natural hair journey and the Eya Naturals love story. Do check out their products, and I would love to hear your  experience :)

Ps. Customers in the U.S. and Ghana, enjoy free shipping on all Eya Naturals products from now until August 15th! 


Dziffa Akua Ametam 

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