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Ashesi University College Joins and Joy FM for Ghana Nie Fair

Posted by Dziffa Akua Ametam on

Ashesi University College has joined and Joy FM in celebrating local innovation and creativity at the Ghana Nie fair.

Ashesi is a world-class liberal arts and science university with a global reputation for nurturing young Africans with an educational experience that encourages ethical leadership, an entrepreneurial drive, and the ambition to find solutions to local and global problems.

Ashesi is responsible for grooming some of the nation's brightest entrepreneurs and we are thrilled to host five student and alumni startups to our list of local innovators: Sesa Mu, The Novan Company, Grannies Food, Project Trontro, and  Bowney Initiative.

Sesa Mu is an Agric development organization that works with farmers in Berekusu to bring us healthy dried pineapple snacks that are not only delicious but healthy for you as well. 

Sesa Mu will have sample dried pineapples for us to taste at Ghana Nie.

Novan provides pure, organic, locally sourced products for consumer use. Their product line includes Novan Cuisine cooking oil and Hair and Skin coconut craze body oil.

Both products are made with no chemical contents or artificial preservatives. Novan will be sharing some tips on healthy living with us.

Grannies Food is a food and processing company that specializes in the production of Shito. We’ll be tasting a lot of snacks with Grannies Food’s shito at Ghana Nie.

Project Tontro is a design and maker platform that facilitates ingenuity and practical learning of robotics, electronics, and engineering amongst kids.

Project Tontro will be engaging kids at Ghana Nie in collaborative and interactive robotic and engineering activities.

Bowney Initiative mentors, guides, and provides mentorship support for underprivileged girls in Ghana to become change agents. 

Bowney Initiative will engage kids in reading and having discussions around Ananse s3m and the cultural values of our local tales. at the fair in interactive reading and discussions workshop.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these brands and cannot wait to interact and discover more about the innovations coming out of Ashesi University. You can learn more about the Ghana Nie fair at We look forward to seeing you on the 24th.

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