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A Message to the One I adore

Posted by Dziffa Akua Ametam on

You are:

Very beautiful

Extremely smart

Ridiculously silly 

Borderline annoying

Your carefree nature can be somewhat overbearing, especially since I worry so much about you

On this Day, I confess my love to you

I’ve always loved you but I do not say it enough

So, one of the things I will do more of, this year, is to tell you how much I adore you

I promise to be there for you

I promise to encourage you to take more chances

I promise to motivate you to do whatever the hell you want to do

I want you to get rid of all your imaginary fears, especially the one of the world seeing your nasty scars

I want you to step out and be deeply seen

Trust me, they won’t be as harsh on you as you have been on yourself

Your imperfections make you oh so desirable

I want you to trust that I will always be here

I’ll be right by your side when the going gets tough

And, should you stumble, we’ll make it through together 

Although I am very confident that you won't. Because you’re badass like that

I want the world to see all that you are

But first, you must learn to let yourself go

I know it’s hard

Each passing day, I watch you grow, learn, experiment, struggle and fail miserably

And I know that sometimes there are things you would prefer to experience alone in the dark

But you mustn’t

There is a big world out there waiting to see all that you have to offer

It is fully aware that whatever you have will not be perfect, but it will always be enough

Of all the things that could be mediocre, love should not be one


So, I’m using this opportunity to tell you that I love you

Gosh, I love you to bits!

You deserve to be spoilt

I vow to pay more attention to you this year and pamper you more than I ever have

 Happy Valentines Day!

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