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West African Brands Transforming Africa’s Skin Care Industry

Posted by Dzifa Ametam on

Skin lightening creams have been a part of the African household. Since the 1960s, almost every billboard in Accra, Lagos, and Dakar bore pictures of the ideal woman every dark skinned African girl should aspire to become.

Our skin care industry has been flooded with bleaching creams reminding us of the need to rid ourselves of the curse of our blackness. 

A few months ago,  Ivory Coast banned skin lightening creams, becoming the first African country to take such a stance. Despite the health implications, many African women continue to taint their skins with the millions of imported bleaching creams each year. 

Africans have a long way to go before bleaching creams are completely eradicated, and while more people are growing conscious of the health benefits of organic skin care product, most consumers purchase nicely packaged foreign lotions and soaps over our poorly packaged local black soaps and raw shea butter.

Why It Matters To Manufacture Raw Shea Nuts Locally 

For decades, Africa has acted as a  global producer of raw shea, supplying shea nuts to the world and importing lotions and soaps for five to six times the price. Our inability to develop our shea nuts has resulted in keeping shea producers at the very bottom of  skin care production and making them the least beneficial players in the global skin care supply chain.  

TAMA cosmetics and Peini are two innovative skin care brands transforming Africa’s status as an importer of bleaching creams to a global exporter of healthy, organic skin care.

The young visionaries behind these brands work hand-in-hand with local shea producers to produce beautifully packaged soaps, oils, mosquito repellants, and hair creams out of raw shea. 

In less than four years of existence, Pieni has helped countless widowed shea producers in Northern Ghana while TAMA has transformed the lives of 2,500 women in its SeKaf Shea Butter Village. We celebrate these brands for being healthy solutions to lavishing our skin, and leading the way towards transforming Africa from an avid consumer of toxic skin care to a manufacturer of healthy lotions and soaps.  

TAMA and Peini are available to consumers all over the world through Dziffa. Using these products, nurtures your skin and contributes to expanding Africa's organic skin care industry. 


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  • Great to meet you Steph, let’s connect. My email is :)

    Dziffa Akua Ametam on
  • I am a budding organic skincare entrepreneur and would like to be a part of your company. I would not mind relocating as I want to start a career in organic skincare production

    Stephanie on
  • Nellie, I will fish around for a Shea butter hair supplier and let you know ASAP :)

    Dziffa Akua on
  • Hey Carolyne, we carry the Raw Shea in Northern Ghana. Both Peini and TAMA are made of raw shea so you will be fine :)

    Dziffa Akua on
  • I would like to purchase hair products with raw shea butter. However, I reside in NYC, and would like to know how to purchase the product to help my ppl. in Ghana.

    Nellie Crick on

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