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Proudly Ghanaian: A Celebration of Greatness

Posted by Dzifa Ametam on

Happy birthday Ghana! Fifty-nine years ago today you proved the world wrong about the Black man. You showed them we were powerful enough to fulfill our destinies. You showed us our greatness.

Today is not the day to talk about the things that have gone wrong. No, not today. We will not talk about forgotten hopes of a Ghana that would lead the industrial revolution of Africa. We will not talk about the neglected ambition to end the colonial division of labor that tied us to specializing in exporting raw materials, no! We will most definitely not talk about the failure to assist those who manufacture our raw materials locally, so we can finally free ourselves of the bondage of import-dependence and contribute excellent products to the world.


Today we celebrate future of Ghana;

We celebrate those who were not satisfied with seeing you, a country that once boasted of manufacturing plants, import second-hand bicycles when it has the natural resources and potential to create high quality eco-friendly bicycles.

We celebrate those who have revived our Northern Batakari Fabrics and given it a modern appeal, so that demand for African fabrics would add value to the weavers in North. We celebrate those who say, “If we must wear a suit, it should be made by us, if we must sell leather, it should be made by us. If we must wear footwear it should be made by us.”

We celebrate the thousands of artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs who get up each day, look around their environment and use the resources around to create excellent products. They are the heroes reviving Made-in-Ghana and placing the crown back on our nation's head. Pretty soon, Ghana will no longer be a home of refuse, aid, and remittances, it would be a shopping hub for authentic African goods.

A paradise that sends the best of Africa to the world, this would be the work of our great heroes who have revived our pride in you. We celebrate them today as we celebrate you because with pride comes a drive for greatness and with every made-in-Ghana product sold, we get you back on track and move one step closer to achieving the economic freedom that drove you to seek independence in the first place.

Happy Birthday Ghana.

From your proud Daughter.

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