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On Saturday, 27th February 2016, our team was on set and behind all of the action with www.Dziffa.comfor their #ProudlyGhanaian campaign, which is set to launch this Friday, 4th March, in celebration of Ghana’s 59th Independence Day.

“The campaign starts off with a thought provoking photoshoot entitled “Reclaiming Our Greatness,” challenging Ghanaians to forgo the low-grade products we import for the high-quality handmade products we make locally.” – Dziffa Akua Ametam is an online marketplace for authentic handmade Ghanaian goods. The E-commerce company was founded in 2015 by a young returnee and change advocate Dziffa Akua Ametam, who works with skilled local Dziffa artisans to increase the global presence of high-quality Ghanaian goods.

It was a long day but very productive and well worth it. For me, it was quite the experience because I had the opportunity to visit a couple of places I had never been, such as the bike yard in the Industrial area at North Kaneshie. I was amazed by the amount of imported second-hand bikes in the yard when we make high-quality bamboo bikes in Ghana.

The day began at approximately 7 am inside the Impact Hub Accra, a center for co-working, innovation, and entrepreneurship based in Osu. As soon as we walked up the flight of stairs to the 2nd floor we spotted a familiar face Nii Okai Djarbeng, CEO, and Founder of Lightville Photography and one of Ghana’s best. We made our way to the backroom where make-up extraordinaire Adwoa Achiaa seemed to be in her element as she worked on models Delfreda Tetteh, Magdalene Williams, and Lee. After exchanging greetings we stepped out into the lobby area and found a diverse number of items from the online shop including bags, jewelry, clothes, paintings, household goods, and so much more.

Less than a year ago, you could count the number of items listed on and now there we were, surrounded by such magnificent authentic handmade leather bags, accessories, slippers, shoes and clothes from our local artisans and designers Nuna Couture, Atto Tetteh, and Poqua Poku valued at GHS60,000. Mohammed, one of Dziffa’s trusted artisans was on set to make sure that all products were safe and secure. The amount of items on display made us wonder just how much effort, time, blood, sweat, and tears went into making all those items. It also signified the progress that the young startup has made in such a short amount of time. One item stood out from amongst the bunch and that was the Crocodile leather bags with the crocodile’s head still attached. We are still trying to wrap our heads around the process of creating such a masterpiece with very limited resources. I mean, how is that even possible.

 After the indoor and outdoor scene at Impact Hub, we made our way to the Independence Square, Makola Market, North Kaneshie, and Villagio to complete the rest of the outdoor scenes. We wrapped up our adventurous day at the Lightville Photography studio in North Legon.

So what exactly makes one #ProudlyGhanaian? Is it one particular thing; the clothes you wear, the manner in which you speak, the people you associate with, or the foods you eat? The answers will always vary. For us, #ProudlyGhanaian goes beyond material things. It also has to do with your attitude, how confidently you speak of something and your passion for defending it. In short, if you are going to rock it, rock it with pride!

 From 4th March – 11th March Dziffa will be rewarding you for expressing your pride for our great nation. The rules are quite simple:

  1. Rock your best Made-in-Ghana outfit or product
  2. Share or post it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  3. Tag @DziffaGh, #DziffaGh and #ProudlyGhanaian

For a chance to shop free on Two Winner(s) will receive a $100 gift card voucher. The winners will be announced on March 20th

The next time you decide to decorate your home or accessorize with the latest beads do it with authentic handmade goods and shop to support our local artisans and show them just how proud we are of their efforts.

Author: Akosua Akyere, writer


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