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Top 5 Must Have African Goods This Thanksgiving

Posted by Dzifa Ametam on

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and most of us will be looking for just the right products at an affordable price. We've handpicked our Top 5 Must Have authentic African goods below. They are all handmade in Ghana and are bound to brighten up your thanksgiving collection.

1) Handmade Wooden Brass Bowls

These bowls are handmade to perfection by some of our finest artisans. They come in very limited quantity so chances of spotting them elsewhere is close to zero. From the brass, to paint, to the carving, every aspect of this bowl was carefully thought out and flawlessly brought to life to give you just the right amount of exclusivity and luxury without hurting your pockets.

2) Ebony Coasters

You've got to have these Ebony Coasters. Handmade of Ebony wood, these smooth and elegant coasters are just the right gift for lovers of stylish bars. They come in very limited quantities and are carefully made exclusively for you :)

3) Candleholder

Our handmade candleholders are the ideal items to spark your dinning room. Carefully handmade from bamboo, cowry and metals, the first candle holder illustrates beauty grounded in tradition. Inspired by the Akan Adinkra Symbol Sankofa, the candle holder does not only beautify our room but serves as a reminder that "it is never to late to go back and retrieve whats ours." The second candleholder is not as heavy as the first but just as elegant. Inspired by our mothers who fetch water for us every morning, the straw candle holder validates the spirit of appreciation while beautifying up our room.

4) Wooden Masks

If you are like most of us, you will be getting visitors this thanksgiving. If you wish to have a traditional mask to hang up your wall then look no further, our handmade wooden masks are the ideal item to decorate your room this thanksgiving. They are carefully crafted and add a subtle touch of Africa to your room.

5) Fruit Basket

We all end thanksgiving dinner with a bowl of delicious fruits. If you are looking for a fruit basket to display your fruits then this fruit basket is the ideal item for you. Handmade from straws, the fruit basket adds a touch of nature to your fruits display.

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