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Sandpapered To Perfection

Posted by Dzifa Ametam on

The holiday season is around the corner and I've officially started the search for the best holiday items in town. This week was all about dining wares and the first item on the list was of course bowls.

I embarked on the journey expecting to be graced with the usual Asanka. Growing up, Asanka was the national made-in-Ghana bowl and while I loved and still enjoy eating my Fufu in Asanka, I could not fathom having it on my table. I wanted to buy a local bowl without compromising on quality and luxury.

Asanka Bowl

I walked into the store with very little expectation, observing the usual jewelry and fabrics. My eyes wandered below the candles and spotted the perfectly crafted wooden bowls. I could not believe my eyes, these bowls could not have been handmade? They were sandpapered to perfection. I simply could not fathom how anyone could turn wood into such beautiful work of art. Just feeling their smoothness in my palms was an honor. I had no idea we made such authentic bowls in Ghana.

For shoppers like myself looking to buy locally made goods without compromising on quality, these bowls are the ideal items to have. I was shocked to discover how affordable they were. Elsewhere, such luxurious authentic good would be reserved exclusively for high income folks. The bowls are part of our pre-holidays collection and would be available for sale in a few days :)

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