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Mothers, we love them. They clean up after us our whole lives, act as our biggest fans; see our greatness before we even know how to confidently move one foot before the other. Throughout our lives, our mothers shower us with gifts of love, attention, and care.

Let’s Show Mom How Awesome She Is.


There is no doubt you would get Mom some special and charming presents on Mothers Day. To help you prepare for this special day, is providing a special deal for you, just so you can put a smile on Mama’s face.

Our team has put together a variety of authentic goods mom would love. With, you can get your Mom quality presents such as bags, necklaces, bracelets, stunningly beautiful blouses, and many other presents.

Go get your Mom that super cool present for Mother’s Day! 

Here are some of the awesome presents you can get Mom:



Pamper Mom on Mother’s day by surprising her with this dazzling necklace, carefully handcrafted with recycled glass beads.


Pamper Mom on Mother’s Day by dropping these beautiful slippers, handmade with local Kente cloth as a surprise. Pamper Mom on Mother’s Day, by making her feet beautiful.

Pamper Mom on Mother’s Day with this stunning and exquisite ethnic print leather bag.

Create a warm smile on Mom’s face with this gorgeous and beautifully handwoven Nuna Couture Dress made of local Batakarri Fabric.

Let’s put a smile on Mom’s face :) 

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